Friday, April 10, 2015

Container plants that survived the winter

I do all my planting in containers and last Fall I brought my thyme and parsley indoors to sit in my kitchen window in hopes it would make it till Spring when I could replant it outdoors.. 
Winter in my area is usually a lot of gloomy days with little to no sunshine but these two plants hung in there and are now enjoying warm sunny weather.. soon I'll be replanting them into larger containers..
I also dug up some of my chive's and put them in a smaller pot to sit in the window along with some onions I'd had in a glass of water..
I didn't do much clipping off these plants, they seemed best to leave them alone.
I knew from experience that chives would survive the cold winter which they have done and are now growing nicely
What really surprised me was finding my sage coming back to life
Now before any of you start telling me these plants always come back up in the Spring, let me remind you, they spent the winter in pots that got rained, sleeted and snowed on and most of the time the dirt in the pots froze solid.
That is what's so amazing