Monday, August 10, 2015

Cooking With Dehydrated Apples

Last fall I dehydrated about 30 pounds of apples, we've ate all but 2 pint jars.  The more I use them the more idea's I'm coming up with.

I like to cook them in apple juice, sugar and a couple tablespoons of lemon juice... apple juice isn't necessary but adds greatly to the flavor.  They make a nice side dish for pork and really good just as a dessert..  

This morning my daughter ate some on waffles and as I was watching her enjoy her breakfast it came to me they just might be delicious in cinnamon rolls..
So I made my usual batch of rolls, added the normal cinnamon, butter, sugar, nuts and on top of that I spread out the rest of the apples, rolled them up and sliced and baked.

After they cooled I added my standard icing which I like to use almond extract in place of vanilla.. 

Here's one cut in half and its really delicious..