Monday, August 11, 2014

I have decided to start blogging again..
A lot of you remember me as Posh and Trendy, that name came from back when I made doll clothes to sell on eBay which I no longer do and since my blogs are going to be about cooking, sharing recipes, gardening, crocheting, knitting and my day to day life living in the suburbs it's no longer a good name for me.
My daughter Helen from over at came up with this name and I like it.  Like a comfortable shoe 'it fits me'

Now.. about the picture.. I make my own pasta from scratch and the above is spinach lasagna and fettuccine noodles.  there's a whole 10 oz bag of cooked spinach in the noodles.
I'm not going to put the recipe up at the moment.  It's just a basic pasta recipe.  You start with blended cooked and well drained spinach, add an egg or two, salt to taste and enough flour to make it the consistency needed to either roll by hand or machine.

This is a very delicious pasta.. I've made it once before using blended raw spinach but cooked is far better.. the color is vibrant and the noodles are silky smooth.
Try it, I think you will like it.

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