Friday, October 10, 2014

Dehydrating a pumpkin
and making pumpkin powder

This was a first for me, I knew I needed to cook it first then strain and press all the juice out of it.
Got it all cut up
Darn but that's hard work.
Would have been easier to smash it onto the sidewalk
And yes, I saved seeds to be roasted
Thought I'd be smart and use my steamer but only one chunk at a time would fit into it and took 25 minutes to get tender
That was taking way too long and I was getting very sick of looking at all that orange mass sitting all over my counter.
It was time to get er done so I brought out the big boss, my go to when I'm in desperate straits.
My electric pressure cooker
 half the pumpkin fit into the pressure and 11 minutes later it was tender, 22 minutes later the whole pumpkin was done and I was exhausted but still had to pick the goop off the pumpkin seeds..
 As soon as the seeds were clean and I had the pumpkin meat scraped out of their skins I set it to cool and gave up for the day.
Two days later I spread it in my dehydrator, it took all that day and over night to dry but it's done.
Today, the 3rd day I ground it into pumpkin powder using my Magic Bullet
These are half pint jars.. hard to believe that huge pumpkin didn't even make a pint of powder.
Would I do this again?
Because I'm just stupid enough to do so

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  1. That was a lot of work. You did get it done. Have a blessed day. Madeline