Monday, October 6, 2014

Jalapeno Salt
Orange Zest
I'm going to be posting how to's for both of these since I just got through grinding both

Jalapeno salt is both delicious and easy to make.
Grind dried peppers in a spice or coffee grinder or if you own a  Magic Bullet use the grinder blade
You want to grind it as fine as possible, then add a bit of salt and grind a few seconds more to blend.
Do NOT attempt to smell it or trust me you will regret it.
Jalapeno salt is delicious on popcorn and is wonderful to sprinkle on meat or just about anything you want kicked up a few notches.

Orange Zest
This is so easy to make and very expensive to buy
Just a month before I bought my dehydrator I bought a small jar of orange zest at half price $3.49
Whether you're pealing an orange to eat or planning on drying slices of the orange, I suggest you dry the peels in long strips until their crunchy and break easily.
After they're dry then hand break them into smaller pieces and then grind them like you did the peppers.
I wouldn't recommend grinding them in a wheat grinder because if I'm not mistaken you're not suppose to grind things that are oily and citrus peel has some natural oils in them.  A blender would probably do a fairly good job tho.
Orange zest added to icing is delicious on cinnamon rolls.  Added to yeast breads or zucchini and pumpkin bread, cookies and other baked goods.  I like adding a dried orange slice and some orange zest to a cup of hot tea with honey.
Add extra flavor to Asian orange chicken by sprinkling a bit of zest over top.
Possibilities are endless
Orange zest will keep up to one year in a lidded jar and up to 5 years or more vacuumed sealed either in a jar or Mylar bag.

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