Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vegetable Pasta

How to make vegetable pasta

All you need is flour
dried vegetable powder
or cooked and mashed vegetables

Place the flour on a clean board or counter top, mix in about 1/4 teaspoon salt then make a well in the center.
I'm using a half cup here for a small batch, for a full size batch use 3 cups and adjust the veggie powder and salt accordingly
In a dish measure out 1 tablespoon of vegetable powder.. I'm using pumpkin
add in enough water to re-hydrate it
Scrape the veggie mix into the well of your flour, add a tiny bit of water and using a fork start mixing it all together slowly adding water as needed until you can form a ball
Knead the ball until it's elastic and not sticky, cover with plastic wrap and let rest for at least 20 minutes.
After it has rested you probably will have to knead in a bit more flour

After the dough has rested, cut it into smaller pieces for rolling out.  Or if you have a huge area to roll it on, you can do it all in one piece.

After the dough is rolled as thin as you want it then roll it up into a log and using a sharp knife cut off slices the width you want your noodles to be.  Unroll the slices and lay them on floured board to dry or hang to dry.
I bought this nifty pasta drying rack from Amazon
You can check it out here
Drying racks are nice.. the pasta will dry faster on a rack but their not necessary.
You can also place the pasta in your dehydrator and dry it very quickly.
Or you can shape the pasta into little nests, lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze solid then place in a plastic bag.
Above is a picture of my Kitchen Aid pasta making tools.. one that rolls the dough and two for cutting it.  There are also hand crank rollers and cutters if you find yourself making lots of pasta.. especially for long term storage then you're going to want some tools.
Rolls the dough as thin as you wish
and cuts it into either spaghetti or fettuccine width which is the one you use in chicken noodle soup
The reason my recipe has no eggs or oil is I store this in jars on a shelf for long term.
Eggs or oil will go rancid over time
This jar of pasta has been in my cabinet for months and is still as dry and brittle as the day I made it.  I have not tried sealing it in jars, not sure if it would cause the pasta to break or not but I'm going to be experimenting, maybe with the small batch I made today.  I'm quite sure sealing it with a food saver would crush them.
If you do want eggs in your pasta then be sure to freeze it for long term of no more then 6 months.
I cooked a bit of this batch just to show you how the color springs out when the extra flour gets boiled off
Fresh pasta cooks in as little as 3 minutes
Vegetable pasta does not taste like the vegetable you used, it just has a smooth rich flavor and puts the store bought kind to shame.. 
Trust me if you start making your own pasta you'll never buy the store stuff again.

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