Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Make Tomato Powder With Can tomatoes and Tomato Paste

Tomato powder
Fairly cheap and not hard to make
First I tried drying cans of tomato paste but the leather was hard to grind and wanted to clump, just not enough moisture in it, so this time around I used two cans of tomatoes with one can of paste and it worked great, just the consistency needed.
Toss it in a blender and blend until smooth
Dry at 125 degrees for approximately 10 to 14 hours or until completely dry to touch.

Two cans of whole or diced tomatoes and one can of paste filled 3 dehydrator trays.
I also found that I could use two cans of tomato sauce in place of the can tomatoes with the same result.
They dried nice and thin. I removed them from the leather trays and flipped them over onto the net trays and dried them for another hour to make sure all moisture was removed.
Two cans of dried ground tomatoes and one can of paste made 7 1/2 tablespoons of powder.
All 9 trays didn't even make a pint
but it's packed with concentrated flavor

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