Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yogurt Chips

A local store had fruit yogurt on sale for 50 cents each and I just had to try dehydrating some.
I wanted them bite size so I dropped teaspoons full on leather trays
I can't say for sure how many hours they took to dry because I put them into the dehydrator around 10 am at 125 degrees and that evening I removed them from the leather trays, flipped them over and laid them on net trays to make sure the bottoms were dry and let them continue to dry at 125 over night.
I'm guessing they took from 18 to 20 hours.
Black cherry
Taste kind of like fruit flavored taffy candy
but much healthier


  1. I attempted this and you know how you see Pinterest attempts that failed horribly? That's what happened to me. What type of yogurt did you use? I put 1 tbls on the tray in five spots I opened it later to check on it and it had all ran together. Please help!

    1. I just noticed you said tablespoon.. I used slightly rounded teaspoons.. the yogurt that has the fruit already mixed into it... hope this helps you.

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