Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hand crank mason jar vacuum sealer
I bought this off Amazon, it's a break bleeder and very easy to use
Here's another picture of it
I want to be able to open a jar, use part of the dried food and be able to seal it back up when we're on camping trips or at home and the power goes off.

It comes with the hose, several size pointy tips for the hose plus a gauge so I know when the pressure reaches 20 lb which is the same poundage a Food Saver reaches when the jar is pressurized.

The white part on the jar is a  jar sealer attachment intended to be used with a Food Saver machine.  Very versatile because I can either use electric to seal them or hand crank with this nifty gadget.
Here's a picture of some things I sealed this morning.
One pound of mixed veggies in each pint jar, 1 1/2 pounds of green beans fit in one pint jar.

One huge bag of kale dehydrated fit into two pint jars.. one large bag of dehydrated spinach fit into one quart jar, 15 medium sized potatoes sliced and dehydrated fit into one pint jar with a bit left over.  The pasta in the background is not sealed, it's in a canister and probably will be sealed in quart jars when I get some clean and sterilized.

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