Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trip to the LDS Cannery

I had been looking for somewhere to buy whole wheat that I could grind myself and accidentally came across the fact there is an LDS cannery in St. Louis and after a phone call found out that they do sell to the public.

They have a lot of items from already ground flour, sugar, instant potatoes, dried carrots, spaghetti, beans etc. but I only bought the 3 items pictured.  
One case of #10 hard white wheat for $18.30.. there's 5 1/2 pounds of wheat in each can at the cost of $3.50 each.

Dry milk 1 lb 12 oz $5.40 this is not instant milk.. I've heard this milk is far superior to the instant.

Sliced dry apples #10 can $9.75 each.
They gave me a taste of the apples and they are so good I bought 2 cans :-)
The good part is their warehouse is only 3 miles from my house.

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