Saturday, September 13, 2014

My new Nesco American Harvest Dehydrator.
It's been years since I've owned a dehydrator and I don't know why I didn't replace it sooner but I'm sure I'm going to love getting back in the swing.
Actually I probably do know why I lived without one for so long.. there was more people to feed so eating up bulk veggies wasn't an issue but now there's only three of us and I'm tired of freezing the extra and months later finding the bags full of ice crystals.  That just won't happen to dehydrated veggies or fruit.
This morning I filled all 8 trays with things from my fridge, bag of kale, bag of spinach, bag of broccoli and half a head of celery... all had been in the crisper for a week.
When the celery is dried I'm going to grind some up for celery salt.
I've heard dried kale makes a great snack, I plan to give that a try.  Other then that, I'll be using the dried greens in soups.

We eat a lot of Italian Zuppa Toscana and it calls for kale and I don't always have any on hand so having some dried will be real nice..
Click here Zuppa Toscana for the recipe.

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